Artist Statement

Architecture is my muse. Lines are the primordial language that I speak. My lexicon ranges from bold gestures to soft marks. The poetry I create reflects the textured worlds in which I exist as an artist — they oscillate from exclusive to inclusive; insignificant to grandiose; chaotic to orderly. Geometry, pattern and color are characters who appear in almost every story I tell. 


Salomon Khammi is a Colombian Canadian American multidisciplinary artist based in Miami. His body of work includes drawings, paintings, glass and wood sculpture. His bold, linear style draws influence from his background in architecture and travels throughout South America, led by his father to collect pre-Colombian artifacts. Salomon earned an Architecture degree in Bogotá and a degree in Design from the Polytechnic Institute in Milan. After his time in Milan, he returned to Colombia but the danger and unpredictability compelled him to relocate. He moved to Miami Beach, then Philadelphia and Toronto – cities that offered unique architectural details to be fastidiously recorded in his sketch book. Salomon has exhibited throughout Canada and the U.S., as well as in Seoul and London. He’s currently represented by Spence Gallery in Toronto and Galeria La Pinacoteca in Bogotá.


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